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Arna writes stories for both adults and children. Her short fiction has been published in Meniscus Literary Journal, the Forty South Short Story Anthology 2018, the Spineless Wonders' Time Anthology, FourW: New Writing, ZineWestVerandah, and Islet, and other stories have been performed at Summer Shorts and Little Fictions. Her stories for children have appeared in The School Magazine, on Kids' Book Review, and in several anthologies. She won 2nd prize in the 2019 Peter Cowan Short Story Award,  and was a finalist in the 2018 Tasmanian Writers Prize, the Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award and the NWF/joanne burns Microlit Award.

"After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world."

- Philip Pullman



About Me

I was born in Adelaide and grew up living in hotels around Australia. My migrant dad and Australian mum were hotel managers, so we moved around quite a bit, wherever the work was. It was exciting living in hotels, all sorts of interesting things happened and even now, the people I met and the things I saw keep finding their way into stories. 


When I was thirteen, I was in Cyclone Tracy, the worst natural disaster Australia has ever seen. The whole city was wiped out overnight and I've written about what it was like to survive a powerful cyclone in my story for children, 'Don't Worry Brian'.


I've always loved making up stories, but I'm also passionate about literacy and education. For ten years, I was involved in teaching adult literacy and writing skills, but now I'm  finally focussing all my energy on my own writing. 


I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains, where the landscape provides both solace and inspiration.





2nd Prize

2019 Peter Cowan Short Story Award


Finalist in the 2018 Tasmanian Writers' Prize, the NWF/joanne burns Microlit Award and the 2018 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award


‘The Horse of Old Regret’

Highly Commended

FAW National Literary Awards 2015

Angelo B. Natoli Short Story Award



Highly Commended

ZineWest 15 Writers’ Competition


‘The Northern Road’

Highly Commended

ZineWest 13 Writers’ Competition 



Editor’s Choice Award

ZineWest 12 Writers’ Competition


'Central Station 7.03’

3rd Place - Best Prose

ZineWest 11 Writers’ Competition


‘A Fine Balance’ 

Highly Commended

2007 Cancer Council Victoria Arts Awards


‘Driss and Deidre’


Verandah/HarperCollins Fiction Prize 2004

‘Life Support’ 


FAW National Literary Awards 2002

The Jennifer Burbidge Short Story Award

Stories, poems and 

non-fiction for adults 

'The Limits of Forgetting' in fourW thirty: Pearl'


'How to go with the flow: A Survival Guide'  in

Story Cities: A City Guide for the Imagination,

Arachne Press, UK


'The Elephant in the Room' and 'We take our comfort

where we can' in

Meniscus Literary Journal 7.1


'The Brough of Birsay' in

Forty South  Short Story Anthology 2018


'Here we Are' in Time  (Spineless Wonders, 2018)


'Stones' and 'Snap'

performed at Summer Shorts, January 2017

'1988' performed at Little Fictions, October 2016 and

Humans of Parramatta Road, 2017


'Who do you think you are?', 'Lincoln's Rock' ,

'Snap’ , ‘Separacja’  and 'Central Station 7.03' in ZineWest 

‘Life Support’ in FourW 25 – New Writing

‘Mountain Funeral’ (poem) in ZineWest 14

‘Mosaic of Loss’ (poem) in As the Smoke Clears

‘1966’ in Keepsakes Anthology (ed Sally Odgers)

‘The Northern Road’ (poem) in ZineWest 13   


‘Room 301’ in Islet   

‘Driss and Deidre’ in Verandah 19

‘Innocence is Bliss’  in Newswrite

‘At the other end of the hour’ in Warrior Women:

Fighting Breast Cancer  (UOW Press)

‘The Poet of Oz’  in Pendulum 


‘Living with the Wolf’ in Link Magazine 

‘This (cyclonic) Life’  in The Weekend Australian 

‘The Ankle-biters’ Revenge’  in Berkshire County’s Child 


‘Song of Hope’ in Certified Male                     

'Firestorm' Illustrated By Peter Sheehan

'Touchdown', The School Magazine

NSW Department of Education


Stories for children

'The Most Beautiful Thing in the World'

in Charms - Volume One

Odgers, S (ed)

'Don't Worry Brian' in

Book for Fiji 

Odgers, S (ed)

'Black Friday'



Frustrated  Writers' Mentorship Program 2006 

'Granpa Frank'


FAW (Tasmania) 2006 Nairda Lyne Award





Frustrated  Writers' Mentorship Program 2004 


'The Dangerous Journey of Elsbet Johari'


‘I am Here’ 

2nd Prize 

2016 Charlotte Duncan Award

Celapene Press

‘No time for Dreaming’    


CBCA (NSW) Aspiring Writers' Mentorship Program 2013

Sponsored by Random House




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