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LUFT Launch and other news ...

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. A lot has happened in the world, and personally, and the future is one of uncertainty and inevitable change. We all know that life is a series of beginnings and endings, but often in our busyness we forget that the sands are always shifting, sometimes imperceptibly, at other times suddenly and catastrophically. The very act of living demands that we continuously adjust and re-adjust — and we do.

MOUNTED ARI (artist run initiative)

On October 7, Mounted ARI opened their latest exhibition called 'LUFT'. Being a part of the Mounted Team with Mark Denny, Geoff Matthews, Julie Parkin, Vicki Benn and Alex Veddovi-McCaughan has been a rich creative experience over the past five years. See the Mounted ARI website to find out more about all the diverse and innovative projects Mounted ARI has managed and produced since we first convened in late 2018.

An enthusiastic crowd turned out to view a gallery full of fabulous visual art and listen to the work of contributing poets and writers.

The LUFT project was developed from an original composition by renowned music director and sound engineer, Peter Cobbin. See here to read more about Peter. The lyrical music that Peter so generously shared with Mounted ARI forms the first part of a tone poem and became the stimulus for writers, visual artists and musicians to produce their own creative work. The show will run until Sunday 29 of October on weekends only. See the Mounted ARI Facebook page for more details. The Luft Anthology is also available for sale through Rosey Ravelston Books at Lawson. Click here to order.


In other news, I’ve been delighted to have work published this year in the 4th Australian Haiku Anthology; Eucalypt: Tanka Journal; Ambiguous Loss (NEW Writers’ Group Inc), Regenesis Anthology; Parramatta Expression 2023; the Street Musicians Anthology: Australian and Romanian Contemporary Prose and Poetry, as well as the LUFT Anthology: Poetry, Prose & Art.

AHEAD IN 2024 ...

As we head towards the end of another year, I’m making plans to launch a collection of my short fiction Limits of Forgetting in early 2024 and the Mounted ARI Team will also be holding a joint exhibition in Sydney towards the end of next year. More details on both coming over the next few months.

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