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Story Cities London Launch

Speaking of people reading your work, one of my flash fiction pieces flew half way around the world to be part of Arachne Press’s "Story Cities: A city guide to the imagination" — launched in London in June.

The idea for this innovative anthology is to provide a kind of handbook for travellers to encourage curiosity, contemplation and new ways of looking and seeing beyond the usual tourist attractions.

In every city there are more stories than you could ever write but in this anthology, 42 authors from 10 different countries will take you on the subway, to hotels, cafes, main streets, markets, crossroads, squares and parks. Experience the city in a new way through their stories.

David Gaffney describes Story Cities as ‘precision-crafted meditations on public spaces’ and Jude Higgins says the collection ‘exactly captures the restless mood of cities.’

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, copies can be purchased directly from the publisher

Free Read!

Mensicus Literary Journal 7.1 contains 75 works from 57 authors, with two of my pieces: 'Elephant in the Room' and 'We take our comfort where we can', included.

Well over 300 poems, flash fictions and short stories were submitted to this issue of Meniscus, from across the globe, and together they showcase a remarkable variety of form, genre, voice and creative concerns. (Jen Webb, for the Meniscus editors)

So dive in :)

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